Books into reality Tuesday

What’s up everybody

It’s Tuesday it’s where I post books that eventually can turned into reality or in this case a movie or a tv series.

Book Review: Starters and Enders by Lissa Price

Publisher: DelaCorte

Published: Starters- March 2012

Enders- January 2014

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia

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Enders:Add it to Goodreads list

Starters is the first part of the series of Lissa Price. Callie changed her lives after the Spore Wars and her parents died. Only her brother, Tyler, was alive. They don’t have permanent house, she decides to search for work so that they can find a new home. And her only hope is Prime Destination. Enders is the second book of the series. Callie continues the story after the Prime Destination destroyed and to find the Old Man.

My favorite character here is Callie, she loves her brother and she’s very brave. I love brave girl’s because they gave me hope. And she will do anything for her brother. And I love Michael too. Michael is the bestfriend of Callie and he’s the one whose taking care of Tyler when Callie is away from him. These series is a page turner. But I wish it will have a third book, it’s cliffhanger. I want to see more what will happen to them after the success of their mission in Enders

These books are perfect to everyone especially when you love dystopia – sci-fi. And it’s got that Divergent and Hunger Games kind of vibe. It has short stories named Portrait of a Starter, Portrait of a Marshal , Portrait of a Spore , and Portrait of a Donor.

Rating: 5/5

Lissa Price need’s your help to vote the Starters Series to become either Film or a TV series. All you need to do is to comment. would you like a film? or a tv series?. For me I voted it to be a TV Series because it’s jammed pack with adventures and it doesn’t really suit justice if they try to fit all that into a 2 hours movie. And that’s just my personal opinion and it really doesn’t matter whether it becomes a Movie or a T.v series what really matters are the books to become a REALITY.  What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW! 👍 And right after you vote,you can email her and get yourself a signed bookmark.

Here’s the link on how to vote:

Here’s my signed bookmarks:



Have an awesome tuesday 🙂


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