TV Series Thursday

Tv Series Review: I Need Romance (2011)

Recently, me and my friends watched “I Need Romance”. A story revolves around three women and their complicated love lives

Sunwoo In – Young is a hotelier and has a 10 years long-term relationship, suddenly her boyfriend cheated on her. Park Seo – Yeon owns a clothing store named Y style and a serial dater. Kang Hyun-Joo is lawyer and a virgin and her life is controlled by her mother.

We laughed and cried watching this because it’s realistic and love their friendship and they’re supportive in each other. I’m disappointed when I watched this. I love In-Young because she’s cute and simple and loves her boyfriend so much that she will do anything for him and even if she’s hurt, she doesn’t want her boyfriend to worried about her. Also, I love Hyun-Joo, she’s smart and sweet and hopeless romantic. I always hate Seo-Yeon from the start, she’s flirty and great when it comes to seducing a man but she loves her work and her friends.

I realized that although you have a long-term relationship there’s always someone will enter and will destroy your relationship, there’s billion of people on |Earth and sometimes you’ll take it for granted and the two of you will change. Even if there’s challenges between the two of you and you can overcome anything ,it’s worth fighting for. And you can’t possibly to forget your great love. And if you already have found your great love, don’t waste the chance. We can find love from everywhere. But true love? Now that’s hard to find.

Everyone should watch this. I love watching this kind of stories because it will gives us insight.

I need romance is a cable television program in tvN and directed by Lee Chang-Han. It has a spin-offs: I Need Romance 2 (2012) and I Need Romance 3(2014). But different castings.


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