Mad Monday

Book Review: Needful Things by Stephen King

Publisher: Viking Press

Published: October 1991

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery

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Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock called Needful Things. Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires: a prized baseball card, a healing amulet. In addition to a token payment, Gaunt requests that each person perform a little “deed,” usually a seemingly innocent prank played on someone else from town. These practical jokes cascade out of control and soon the entire town is doing battle with itself. Only Sheriff Alan Pangborn suspects that Gaunt is behind the population’s increasingly violent behavior.

My friend lend me this book. This is so much scarier than I thought. It took me so many days to finish this because I was scared. There was a new shop in town named “Needful Things”, where all your desires you will find here but when you purchased your desire object, when you paid it already, you do what he ordered you to do.

My favorite character here is Leland Gaunt, he’s the owner of the shop and manipulator of the people in the town. It’s a small town and every people known each other, and hate each other. And they were in great chaos because of him and many died. What I hate about this is the story it’s too long and I’m in tense and I want to know what’s next. So I skip some of them. But I love it , I didn’t expect the ending.

It has a movie too, same name and it was released on 1993 and it was directed by Fraser C. Heston. But I haven’t watch it.

Rating: 5/5


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