Film Wednesday

Film Review: Heneral Luna

Last week, I’ve watched Heneral Luna. A historical biopic film of General Antonio Luna directed by Jerrold Tarog. The story was set during Philippine-American War.

This is an amazing film. John Arcilla’s portrayal of Gen. Luna was fantastic. He’s an awesome actor. The cinematography, setting, costume, actors all in all amazing. Movies like this should patronize , not only “pabebe films”.

I can’t wait to watch Del Pilar’s story portrayed by Paulo Avelino.

Rating: 5/5


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  1. Karina says:

    Indeed, Tine! I’ve watched it before and this movie just gave me so much pain and adoration. It makes me feel so proud of our country’s movie makers. Every Filipino needs to watched this movie. John Arcilla and all the other characters just really made a great job especially those who worked behind the scene. We need a lot of movie just like this. This is just so excellent.

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    1. Christine says:

      Agreed!! I’m so tired with all the crappy shows we have! That’s why I support this kind of movies…

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