Film Wednesday

Film Review: Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

I’m not a fan of old films, but I was curious who is Alfred Hitchcock and found out he is the director of this film, so I tried to watch it and after I watched this. I didn’t expect this would be great.

The story of Norman Bates  a psychopath and kills woman or girl when he find it attractive. He’s attached to his mother.

The story is great but I was yawning because at first it’s kind of slow-paced. But I don’t underestimate old films. The best scene is when the sister and husband of Marion Crane found out in Bate’s house that the his corpse mother was there in the house. I love the ending. Super Duper! Anthony Perkins was so great actor. Especially this kind of smile:

Bates House

Because of the successful of this movie it follows sequels, ( Psycho II, III, IV) and a Tv Series ( Bates Motel, I’ll make a Tv review of that). And remake of Psycho film (1998) directed by Gus Van Sant.

Rating: 5/5


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