Tv Series Thursday

Tv-series-thursdayIt’s Thursday. Let’s talk about my favorite TV Series.

  1. Game of Thrones

    GAME OF THRONES (WHERE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIES). My boyfriend told me to watch this and I said “I don’t feel like watching it because it’s too famous”. And since curiosity kills me, I gave it a shot. I was like “OH MY GOD” every episode and every season it gives me chill and left me questions. My favorite character th ere were the Starks Family and when Sansa, Arya, Rickon and Bran left on every season and episode I shift my favorite character to Daenerys Targaryen. WHO DOESN’T LOVE OUR KHALEESI?  Well, I’m one of the people who hates House Lannister except for Tyrion. And the end of Season 5 was incredibly heart aching but we all know that Jon Snow is not already dead? One of the reasons why I loved this series it’s because the genre is Historical Fiction and I’m not a fan of that because it’s too boring but this story has a twist, there’s a White Walkers. YAY! I TOTALLY LOVE THEM! IS IT NORMAL TO HAVE WHITE WALKER TO BE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER IN GOT??!!       

    I can’t wait to watch season 6. This is the reason why I suddenly love the Historical Fiction Genre.

     2. Izombie     

    I love watching Zombies since I was a child, because my parents back then used to watch movies with a Zombie theme.  

    Izombie follows a story of Liv Moore and she became a Zombie after the party. She works at morgue and when she’s eating a brain of the dead person she has a vision on what happened on the dead person so she helped Detective Babineaux to solve the crime. Sometimes I got bored watching this show but sometimes I don’t. Maybe it’s because of the one of episodes that I don’t like, but Liv Moore is funny. The show is back with a new season. I will watch this on etc this October 20, 2015  .

    3. The Flash

    I’m not a comic fangirl. But I gave a shot to watch this show and it’s amazing. Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin. OH YEAH GRANT GUSTIN!! HE’S SO HANDSOME. *FANIGRLING SQUEAL*. THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE!! The show is back again. Another enemy. It was aired on etc every Wednesday. At the end of season 1, I was like WTF!!! The true identity of Harrison Wells revealed. And this morning I watched the new episode. And the ending of that episode was really confusing, well for me. It’s because of Harrison Wells.  4. Keeping up with the Kardashians  I’m a big fan of the Kardashians since I was on high school.(I’m in my 3rd year college now.) I know some people don’t like them but still I love them. The reason why I love this it’s because through ups and downs they still so close and their bonding, I love it. Now, there’s a lot of happenings since Caitlyn Jenner former Bruce Jenner is a woman. It’s good to see that the Kardashians and also the Jenners are growing up in the camera. My favorites are Khloe Kardashian because she’s so cool and sweet and Kendall Jenner because I can relate to her. 


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