My thoughts on books to film/ tv series adaptation

Most of the Movies or TV Series now a days are based on books and comics. When the movie are based on novels and when we watched it, we always get disappointed because they didn’t follow what happened on the book. At first, we got frustrated while watching a movie based on novels because as a fangirl it should follow and we often say “The book is better”.

And I realized that I shouldn’t hate this because I think of my friends who are non – readers but wanted to know about the story. It also bring new friends and creates new bonding and maybe someday they will be a reader too. The Hunger Games movies brought me here in the fictional world, but I haven’t read the series. (Well, except for the fact that I read the Mockingjay and didn’t read the Hunger Games and Catching Fire lol). I’m a reader before but not giving reviews and not an avid reader unlike now.

I love watching The Game of Thrones it’s based on novel of George R.R Martin and I’m also a fan of Nicholas Sparks movies. I know it’s too much hype in these adaptations but HEY we enjoy watching all of them. It’s amazing to watch who will portray our favorite characters in our favorite books.

This is only my opinion.

What’s your opinion on Adaptations of Film and TV Series?


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