Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 poster.jpg

The Bella’s back. On Monday, I just finished watching it. I know I’M FREAKING TOO LATE TO WATCH IT. It was released on May 2015. ( SORRY GUYS )

Pitch Perfect never failed to amaze me, and every scene gives me goosebumps. Everytime they do the A capella Song, It was fantastic. Amy and Becca are my favorites. ( who doesn’t love them?) They’re so funny, and without them this movie will be boring. So there’s a new member of the group and she’s Emily portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld.

My favorite scene here is at the end of the movie were they performed for the championship and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!! GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER, AND ESPECIALLY WHEN THE FORMER BELLA’S JOINED THEM!!

Life Lesson: don’t lose hope chasing your dreams. Don’t afraid to try new things. I admired Becca because of all the members in the group, she took an internship. Even though she did that still her loyalty is on the Bella’s. And for me, at first it’s hard to get out in your comfort zone.

I love the ending of this movie. I was like, “I WANT PITCH PERFECT 3”.


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