Where do you usually read? Physical Book, E-book, or Audiobook


We have different preferences on where we read. It’s either a Physical book or E-book or Audio book or it could be the three of them or two of them.

So here’s I usually read.

1.Physical Book


Every reader loves and much preferred a Physical Copy. The scent of the pages smell’s good for our nose. And it’s also a memorabilia to us especially when our favorite Authors signed it. But sometimes book is much expensive than e-book and it’s very hard to read in the dark, you’ll need to open the light. And I got broke too so sometimes I can’t buy the books that I want and I have to wait for days or months to buy it. (student’s problems lol). Lucky enough to have friends who let you borrow their books.




This is my reservation when I don’t have books.  Mostly I read here in my phone but sometimes my eyes were hurting.


  • I can read it and bring everywhere. Especially when I’m commuting and I feel out of place in social gatherings.
  • Reading in the dark is not hard.


3.Audio Book


At first it’s hard for me to understand when I listen to it because I’m not used to it. The reason I tried it because I’m busy here in our house doing chores and I’ll stop my reading just for it. It’s a multi tasking for me. But when I started blogging, I stop it. Because it took too long for me to finish a story when I’m listening it unlike reading.


  • Everytime I’m going home and I will listen to the the story and I’m really tired, I can’t control myself to yawn and sometimes I doze.


So there where I usually read. Read where you are comfortable of. What’s more important is support the Author and read the stories. Stories has big impact on our lives. Reading has a good benefits on our health. SO READ, READ, READ and be part on your fave FANDOM.



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