Stacking the Shelves (01)

Stacking the Shelves (2)
Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga’s Reviews.


Hi guys! this is the first time that I joined in this blog meme called “Stacking the Shelves”. I want to share you guys what I got this week..



Fangirling over this story. I’m so happy when I got the chance to read the sequel of the “The Island”. As you guys didn’t know I really love this story. The island is a war love story. Basically there’s a war between two countries – the ravens and the kylaen. Prince Galian is a doctor and he became one of the soldiers because he was forced by his dad since when his brother died. Captain Theo is a raven and fights for their independence. Then, when the unexpected events happen they were trapped in the island.


Physical Books


I got these books by the publisher and the author.

Air by Ryan Gattis is a contemporary novel.

Warrior by Heather Todd is a dystopian young adult.



How many books you got this week? 🙂



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