Warrior by Heather Todd


Published on August 2016 by Createspace

Genre: YA, Dystopian

My rating: ★★★



Mary Houston didn’t expect to come home late at night to see her entire neighborhood in shambles; doors ripped off their hinges, windows smashed, trash on lawns. Her mother and little brother have both been captured by people who call themselves Warriors, who train humans to become a part of The Platform for World War III.

In order to save herself from losing herself, she must make them believe that she is one of them.

She meets Xavier, who is set to train her one-on-one at The Shelter where she is staying with hundreds of other trainees. Without warning, she learns more about him than she is supposed to know while growing stronger and uncovering the hidden secrets within The Platform.

Can she survive while hiding her true self behind this mask, risking her entire life in the process?


(Source: I received the book by the Author. This will not influence my reviews.)

This is a dystopian book. When we hear about dystopian all we can say is “same old stories”, that is why we often read it because of the cliché stories. But sometimes, there is something about dystopian books that the author will give this humongous revelation that the readers will scream, hate, and love the characters.

When Seattle was attacked by the Warriors, they don’t have the choice but to follow the orders. Warrior is a soldier – they have hidden identities and powerful weapons. They serve the so called “The Master”. They not only attack the USA but also the other parts of the country. To be a Warrior you should fight the urges and feelings you have – completely different person. Mary Houston is at the school when the attack happens. Xavier is on his house waiting for his parents to come back when the attack happens. Two different people will make a choice on risking their life and finding a new safe haven or to be part of the Warrior that is against to their morality.

I like how fast paced the story is but the problem is some of the events were not clearly enough. Albeit the concept of the story is amazeballs (dystopian world and zombie thing), it is lacking of explanations. On the other hand, the characters at first is okay for me, Mary is distraught and different from others because she didn’t get her injection and she needs to blend in in order to do her goals – finding her brother and father. Then, she met her trainer Xavier who is a hot, young, handsome, and douchebag?! Then, all of a sudden boom – they fall in love! I’m not a big fan of insta-love because it is too unrealistic. It has other characters involved in but the thing is, it ends quickly in just a snap of a finger. The story revolves around the society falling down and their insta-love.

I hope in the next book – it should have a clearer vision of the story and there’s nothing wrong about how fast pacedthe story is but at least it has an explanation. I would like to see the other characters too not only just revolving around Mary and Xavier.


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