Out of the Nest by Gaia B. Amman



Published on January 25,2016 by Kuki Publishing

Genre: YA, Coming of Age

Rating: ★★★★



Crushes, friendship, and intrigue set against the gorgeous backdrop of Northern Italy.

ITALY, 1990. LEDA is a bookworm and a tomboy. As her world splits into girls and boys, she can’t seem to fit anywhere. On the background of the 14th FIFA soccer world cup, Leda embarks on a new series of adventures dealing with hormones, periods, zesty boys and her own fears in what will be the best summer of her life. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Sardinia, the Dolomites, and Tuscany, this humorous yet insightful journey through first love, friendship, and first kisses will leave you breathless, marveling at the customs of a country most people think they know.

The Italian Saga follows the same characters throughout their lives, ending up doing exactly what they thought they never would. The work of GB Amman has been praised for her characterization, humor, insightfulness, and marvelous descriptions.


(Source: I would like to thank Kuki Publishing for providing the review copy. This will not influence my reviews)

In the second book of the series in Italian Adventure – Lee (nickname for Leda) is on her middle school. Everything has changed from their incomplete members of the quartet (basically the members are Peo, Nico, Flavio, and Lee) because Flavio is in the different section and the hormones when they growing up (you know the infatuation stage), and to her summer adventures together with her new friends. Can she really keep up with all these changes going on about herself and on her surroundings?

Could I really turn down the perfect boy for a non-existent chance at an impossible love with the kid version of the antichrist?

OMG. This sequel is really funny. First love. First kiss. Everything in between is hilarious. So mostly, this book is entirely about her adventure in middle school + summer adventures and sometimes it tackles about society too.

So much for the Catholic country where no one ever spoke of sex in open.

I don’t know if it’s still happens on other country but there are similarities here in the Philippines and Italy customs. I think simply because of both countries are Catholic and once you’re catholic you should be conservative. Anyways, it’s not really tough topic to deal with – it’s only just an eye opener especially for the young people.

You’ll understand when you grow up

You know it’s really hard to adjust especially when you get used to your old habits but eventually that adjustment is necessary for us to grow. That is what happens on Lee, she finds it hard to keep up on her surroundings when boy chases girl, having crushes, and hormones stuffs because she’s not used to bond with girls.

Let’s talk about the evolution of Lee: 1.) On the first book, she’s used on being one of the boys and completely clueless whether her guy friends are having crush on her maybe because the mere fact that talking about love is not being discussed by her family and she’s happy and contented on what’s going on with her life (aside from the family drama). 2.) On the other hand, in this sequel she’s confused about her feelings towards on what’s going on her surroundings – specifically on her school (the thing about her gang and new friends) yet matured on dealing in her family. That really fascinates me because at the young age she basically knows and open on her mother. YEP. There’s a lot of mother and daughter moments here than the first book.


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