Forget Nico by Gaia B. Amman



Published on May 1,2016 by Kuki Publishing

Genre: YA, Coming of Age

Rating: ★★★



Swoon, laugh, and cry with the much acclaimed Italian Saga!
Italy, the 90s. When Alex takes an interest in bookish tomboy Leda, the young teen finds herself torn between her handsome suitor and her long-term feelings for childhood friend Nico, who’s dark, unreliable, and utterly ignores her. Leda finds her way through puberty, navigating her parents’ separation, starting high school, and pursuing her dream to win the Italian junior volleyball championship. As always, Amman’s unique mix of humor and empathy makes it impossible to stop reading, as she skillfully intertwines the stories of many teens struggling with loneliness, angst and, of course love. Her vivid descriptions of Cinque Terre, Sardinia, and the Alps can only add to the irresistible charm of this intriguing romance.


The book is getting deeper and deeper on representing the teenage life – for instance like relationship towards the family and friends, meeting new people, to be in a relationship, love or infatuation, and to be in high school, it’s getting messier and complicated. Lots of drama of course. One of the problems that Leda facing tackles about is to fit in the society.

whatever it was that I needed to fit in and not feel like I was the last turd on Earth.

Almost all of Leda’s friends are having a boyfriend (not merely that serious kind of relationship) and having sex. While, Leda is still struggling on finding true friendships although she has a large set of friends, she still lonely when they aren’t real, and who will she choose on taking care of her good heart whether Nico or Alex. So, it has a lot of pressure to her but she doesn’t let that to ruin her life nonetheless. She’s still the Leda that I know from the first book.

I think there’s nothing wrong to the book tackles about this kind of issues in teenagers’ life but 1.) its still bugs me off when they want to have a relationship at the young age. LIKE REALLY??!! That ex-girlfriend of your friend is your current girlfriend right now!! It seems like they think that relationship is like playing in the playground. 2.) this book also shows what would happen if both parents and child/children doesn’t talk openly about sex, puberty, and gives advice to them.

because of our fears, pride, and rage we had only managed to hurt each other and everyone around us.

On the other hand, let’s talk about LEDA and NICO. YASS!! I love them both!! I SHIP THEM!!! Sometimes, I got pissed off on both of them on how many times they didn’t let themselves to be happy and they let their unruly behaviors to speak on their feelings. Is it weird to feel mushy onto the young couple? (Apparently, I’m too old lol).

Overall, this 3rd book is an average book for me although it highly speaks on the reality of life, it’s just that I’m not quite satisfied.


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