Sex-O-S by Gaia B. Amman



Published on November 6,2016 by Kuki Publishing

Genre: YA, Coming of Age

Rating: ★★★★★



Italy, the mid 90s. Bookish, tomboy Leda is dating the bad boy of her dreams. Is it love? Is she ready for her first time? Steamy at times, always emotional, the narration is authentic and gripping, raw and unapologetic in denouncing the hypocrisy of a society that would rather see pregnant teens than have an honest conversation about sex. Funny, moving, brutal, and sexy, this read is recommended to adults and teens alike. Breathtaking Northern Italy, including Padua, Liguria, and the incredible Island of Elba, adds to the charm of this addictive novel.


(Source: I would like to thank Kuki Publishing for providing the copy. This will not affect my reviews.)

It truly fascinates me to be part on Leda’s journey to become a wise teenager I’ve ever known. Why? Because it is an eye opener to tackle about the problems on the society like talking about safe sex and it’s prohibited to discuss that topic especially when you’re from a conservative country, coping up in parent’s separation, abuse, friendship, first-love, and self-discovery. It’s pretty much relatable and discovering Northern Italy’s culture is very refreshing for me since I am clueless about everything Italian.

Although I didn’t quite love the 3rd book – Forget Nico, I absolutely ADORED this 4th book. Let’s dive into the characters: (it contains slight spoiler)

SPOILER: At the ending of the 3rd book, Leda and Nico are together. YEY!! It feels like a dream..imagine you’ve been longing for him since childhood. END OF SPOILER. BUT, there’s something about Nico that was far from what I imagined and I felt sad and shocked. No words can describe how awful his childhood was and I know and still believe on him that he can be change.

Leda’s friends in her high school years is still the same from the book 2 & 3 and still have the same attitude from the previous books. I’m wondering why they aren’t changing. LOL. And she also met new friends.

Leda’s family is you know still the same from the previous books except for the fact that Starry and Viola were graduated with Psychology Major. It’s pretty amazeballs right? It also tackles about Starry and Viola’s depression. (okay, so Starry is what Viola named to their mom)

If you’ve come across on my reviews in the Italian Adventure, Leda is a religious person however since she’s growing up and realized that even if you’re a religious person and still repeating the same mistakes, it’s nothing. So yeah, she’s not prays a lot. Another thing, she’s also becoming a girl!! Leda is not a tomboy anymore.

and finally, LEDA met his new boyfriend. He is Ange and 4 years older than Leda, she’s 17 years old that time and Ange is 21 years old. All I can say about Ange is he is a nice jerk. (is there a word like that? Lol) I mean when you first saw him and only known him for a while he was like a dream guy but sadly it’s not because it feels like he’s not into you. Something like that.

Leda’s perspective about LOVE and having a RELATIONSHIP is someone who cares about your feelings and thoughts. Not bad for a young age huh!!

Insightful Quotes from the SEX-O-S:

  • In my early teens I had felt a huge angst, like being on a car driving at full speed with a non-responding wheel. The unconditional love of my parents had not been so unconditional anymore, constricted by a sea of expectations and fears, and nothing had been there to replace it, but the disapproval of m judging peers.
  • I had gone on this diet crusade to make myself beautiful and more lovable, when I was really trying to make myself disappear, to hurt my body and have it match the way I felt: empty.

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