Hello, guys! How are you? Well, I hope you’re doing okay. I can’t believe that it’s the end of January. Time flies so fast indeed.

Today’s topic is I wanted to share what I’m doing right now and why I’m MIA.

  1. I’m currently taking an Internship and it’s a lot of work together with my school works. Yes, I’m in a 4th-year college. We have a documentation and some final reports to do at the end of the internship. So, it’s a lot of reflection on myself on the things that I improved on or need some improvements. I’m exhausted at the end of the day and sometimes I don’t check my Instagram and Twitter account to talk to other bookworms because all I wanted to do is to sleep.
  2. And because of that, I’m thankful for Audiobook and Podcast for always there for me when real life is getting stressful. They made me wander my thoughts and whenever I’m tired reading. (not  technically reading but I can’t read because I’m too sleepy or don’t have much time.)
  3. And because of that, I decided to focus on my internship and school works. I’ll be hiatus for the meantime since I can’t keep up on everything.


Maybe I’ll be just popping up and be active in the book community.


It’s rude for me to do it. One day, I’m active and the next day I’m MIA.

I’ll be back after I finish all these school works and internship.

For the authors and publishers who asks for a review request that I haven’t read nor posted sorry for the hiatus moment and thank you for understanding.



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