World Book Day

There was this girl, she is not a bookworm since playing with her friends is her thing. Summer time is her favorite season. But everything changed since she started puberty. She got shy and started to be a homebody person, she found the books that her aunties gave to her. Though at that time when she reads them, she can’t fathom what the story was. Her favorite book to read is the High School Musical Books although it wasn’t a complete series she had, she still reads them. Then, it was stopped again when she started high school, completely clueless about everything, still learning. When there was a time that her mom gave her a money, she went to the bookstore and bought “If I Stay by Gayle Forman”. It was a first book that ever picked. Then it was stopped again. And when her friends started reading Wattpad, it influenced her to read again. READ.READ.READ. When she graduated at high school and started college, it became her new solace, new friend, and helped her to grow.

That person is “ME”. Books helped me to become who I am – reading fiction or non-fiction. It gives me a new perspective in life and to learn things that I didn’t learn while growing up.


I wanted to give thanks

To my AUNTIES who gave me books when I was a little.

To my PARENTS who gave me penny to buy what I want and they know that it is a book.

To my BOYFRIEND who spoils me with books.

To my FRIENDS irl respects my passion for books.

To the PUBLISHERS who publishes books whether it’s a good or bad but still connects people around the world.

To the AUTHORS who wants to tell their story and to give hope to the readers.

To the BOOK COMMUNITY, without you guys, life would be boring.


To the BOOKSTORES who is a blessing for all the bookworms.


Whenever I think about it, it’s funny how BOOKS can shape someone’s life, how it brings people together, and even if there was a time that BOOKS could be the reason why friendships ended. BOOK is still a BOOK. They are always there for you, sitting in the shelves or in the corner waiting for you to pick them up even if you forgot how much you love them when you first saw it.

No matter what happen, when you are completely busy in your own life and you don’t have enough time to be with them – a book is there waiting for you to ride a wonderful journey you had once.


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