All the feels|Mini Book Review: Prep and Prejudice by Miren B. Flores



Published on October 4, 2016

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★




You can take the girl out of teenage hell, but can you take teenage hell out of the girl?

At fourteen, Andrea was a geeky, gangly teenager who spent one magical summer with the rich and famous—surrounded by art, polo ponies, and children who bear the names of corporations and main avenues. She had a mad crush on handsome trust fund baby Manolo, but her silly romantic notions were painfully crushed one night by spoiled, arrogant Jaime—the one boy she loved to hate, and who hated her right back.

More than a decade later, Andrea is overworked and under-loved, with no man in sight and no intention of getting back to the delusional business of hoping and throwing caution to the wind. Ordered by her doctor to hightail it out of the city and into a true-blue vacation, she and her best friend, hippie-heiress Pilar, head off to a small, soon-to-open resort on a southern island. But Andrea’s plans of a tranquil summer holiday are ruined by cruel reminders of the past—taking her back to her humiliations and her thwarted desires.


A first #romanceclass book that I read and it wasn’t disappointing. A lot of people said that it was inspired by the book of Pride and Prejudice but for me – who still haven’t read it, it was still great and readers could get into the story.

The premise of the story is “the more you hate, the more you love”, self-discovery and unspoken words to the one you loved. It isn’t new for me and admittedly I love this kind of stories though there are moments that it is predictable. I assume that Andrea is an introvert and Pilar is an extrovert and so their friendship is perfectly crafted. I adore their friendship because aside of their differences, there are something between them that made them perfect together. While, Jaime is an arrogant but throughout the book he shows his true self, sensitivity, and affection. (I know it’s like a cliché type)

What makes it funny is that the banter between Andrea and Pilar & Andrea and Jaime. Plus, Andrea and Jaime is so good together and they are both opinionated.

The writing of the story is fast paced and very short read. It is a perfect summer read set in Manila and readers will surely fall over heels to all the swoon worthy characters.


Paris and Manila.

Read this if….

You’re into New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and loves a fluffy story. It is also a good book if you’re suffering from a book slump.




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