OMG|Book Review: Save the Cake by Stella Torres



Published on August 2015 by Visprint

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult

Rating: ★★★★



Eloisa Carreon, a 28 year old cake artist, works at her family bakery. She yearns for the independence she had while living abroad, but her cautious parents and over-protective brother monitor her every move. When she is tasked to create a masterpiece for a high society wedding, Eloisa meets handsome videographer Sean Alvarez, a cousin of the bride. They discover a shared worldly outlook on life and a mutual desire to escape the excesses of the nuptials. The attraction between them is undeniable, yet Eloisa is weighed down by family expectations and emotional baggage from the past. She must decide if she should take the risk and follow her heart, before she loses her mind. And when better to do it than during the year’s biggest wedding?


Eloisa Carreon came home to work on their family business. She is a cake artist and her family is overprotective even if she’s a 28-year-old. Sean Alvarez is also came back from abroad, now he owns a business in the Philippines. Destiny or fate, their love story will either be

The story shows the family dynamics in the Philippines. Everytime that there will be a wedding, birthday, or special celebration, it is expected to be grandiose because it’s part of the culture to bring your whole family, relatives, and friends. Hazel and Vinny – best friend of Eloisa will have their wedding vows, there are lots of preparations and the pressure for Eloisa is at stake since she will be the one who create the cake. Second is the overprotective of the family especially when you’re a girl or woman. (I believe it is still happening in our culture.) Eloisa’s family doesn’t want her to get hurt again since her ex-boyfriend cheated. Then her eldest brother is very strict especially when he knows Eloisa is dating. Well for me, it’s not that bad thing because Eloisa is still living together with her family.

The character development of Eloisa is amazing. She struggles about her family’s decision on her life. Then one day, she stand up for her own will.

The combination between the videographer and the cake artist resonate to each other and that is refreshing. However, it seems that Sean’s character needs more development. I couldn’t get into his shoes and it feels like I still don’t know him.

Overall, the author did a great job portraying the Filipino culture. Both Eloisa and Sean came back from abroad and started their own life in the Philippines.

Read this if……….

You want to explore the world of the business of bakeries and family business.



Have you read this book? What do you think?




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